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Hello, I am Tina aged 36 and I am a very creative person; I enjoy writing poetry, songs, fantasy and horror stories, watercolour painting, ink drawings, upcycling and a bunch of other stuff. I am an organic, wildlife gardener who takes on the ideas of permaculture and companion planting, as well as no-dig. I enjoy motivating others to help change their lives to get them to find their happiness! I am a self-taught writer and artist, I have no formal qualifications and I started late in life regarding art and practising art – I have only practise and done art since 2014. I love carnivals, cabaret, tribal fusion, harlequins, fantasy, carousels, masquerades, vampires, mythology, horror and spirituality; so most of my work is based around these themes. I live alternative life-styles; trying to live as close to nature as possible whilst also campaigning for the things I am passionate about – particularly SAVE THE BEES! I am bi-sexual and in an open-relationship and though I am not religious I am a humanist who is very spiritual and believe in cosmic-ordering and certain folklores. I have quirky habits, such as leaving a cup of tea in the corner of my kitchen, for the little folk, so the house doesn’t get infested with Bogarts for example! I have a fun nature, I don't like being too serious and as an adult in this world, I find it hard to make friends who are as playful, eccentric, artistic and open-minded as me, because I act like a feral 12yr old a lot of the time. I originally came from London and I now live in Rugby, Warwickshire in the UK and I have a son called Henry and I am co-habiting with his father Paul. I am open to new friends, so please message me if you want to talk. Thank you for reading. Tina Cousins

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This blog is a blog about the world in which we live, how we can live here sustainably and how we can maintain a healthy positive attitude and vibrancy that will benefit all in the long run.

In this blog you will find articles and diary entries on the following subjects;



Organic fruit and vegetable growing

Gathering food from the wild


Mental health help


The Venus Project


Non-Theist Quakers

Wildlife preservation

Pollution and cleaning the Earth up


Recycling and Upcycling

Life Hacks for a sustainable living

Prep talks


Environmental news and updates



Gluten free recipes

Vegan recipes

Paleo recipes

Lactose free recipes


Human interests

My personal health and the health of my family

And my own personal experiences towards all the above